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Tor Websites or .onion can’t be simply accessed by the mainstream browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. Your Internet connection needs to connect with a tor network to open a .onion site. However, the Internet Service Providers or ISPs often square access to tor network or a user who they think might be willing to get to the .onion site without associating with the tor network (Tor bundle).

In this situation, Tor Proxies come handy – Tor Proxy sites let you access .onion site or connections without expecting you to associate with Tor network or install Tor on your PC.

In this manner, you are totally anonymous and subsequently, can access .onion websites over a normal search engine/browser. Down below are the Top 5 Free Tor Proxies through which you can unlock .onion sites without Tor:

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  1. *.Onion.to


A hidden service gateway to unlocking deep web on a normal browser. To use this proxy, all you need to do is append .to at the end of the onion URL at your regular browser and the site will load without any issues.

e.g. if the onion link is xyzypuo.onion; just add .to at the end of URL and the site will become accessible on your browser.

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  1. *.Onion.nu


Another proxy service, just like .onion.to. to access any onion site via this proxy network, just add .nu at the end of URL and your favorite onion site will be no more locked.


e.g. xyzypuo.onion.nu

  1. *.Onion.cab

To use this proxy, type http://onion.cab on your normal browser. Once the site finishes loading, type any of your favorite .onion URL inside. You can also unlock Tor sites without having to go to above-mentioned link by simply appending .cab to any onion URL you wish to visit.

e.g. dirnxxdraygbifgc.onion.cab

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  1. HiddenService.net

Another alternative proxy which lets you access Tor sites without having to install Tor browser on your PC. You can either visit  http://hiddenservice.net to search those sites or add .hiddenservice.net to the original onion link to unblock the site.

E.g. dirnxxdraygbifgc.hiddenservice.net

Note – (While using this service, .onion is removed from the link and is replaced with hiddenservice.net)

  1. Tor2Web.org

Pretty similar to .onion.to. The service is very unstable on tor2web.org. However, if any of the above-mentioned proxies fail, tor2web.org could be your best option to access Tor sites.

Good luck with your deep web venture!

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