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This post is definitely going to be soul food for all you “meme lords” out there. Memes have been circulating the internet for quite a while now and Bitcoin has also been the hot target of these memes.

So, we’ve asked our very own meme lords to bring together a list of the 8 funny bitcoin memes over the past few years. One just can’t get enough of these right?

  1. Morpheus Speaks The Truth.
  2. This Little Doll Knows Better Than To Spend All Her Bitcoins At Once.
  3. That Time You Were Mistaken For Being The Creator Of Bitcoin.
  4. Me Every Time I Compare My Alt Coin Holdings To My Bitcoin Account.
  5. Bitcoin Rollercoaster. (Nuff said)

  6. Bitcoin is decentralized digital currency. It does not get affected by any ban whatsoever, however, governments fail to understand that.
  7. The Queen Of England Does Not Approve.
  8. Last But Not Least, This One’s For All You Newbies!

     If you’re new to Bitcoin, know that it’s totally okay to ask questions.

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