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Bitcoin taxes- another terrifying story

Currency comes with three faces mainly. A unit of account Store of wealth Means of exchange Cryptocurrencies around seem to serve the second part only. So, talking about the taxation of these currencies means taxingLearn More

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Is Cryptocurrency Still Great for GPU Makers?

On Thursday, an American technology company, Nvidia has announced its financial results which were remarkable. The company has revenues of $3.2 billion from January to April. But what’s the reason behind this profit? Well, theLearn More

Different ways to buy bitcoin

Buying bitcoin is simple. As simple as signing up for a mobile app. The first step to buying bitcoin is signing up for a bitcoin wallet on sites like by filling up a formLearn More

Bitcoin – A Child poster for speculation

A Child poster for speculation 13 July 2017, bitcoin is the leading prima donna of the digital currency market. Anyhow, a big wall street bank does not impress by the crypto-storm. James Faucette leads the MorganLearn More