What Are The Best Altcoin To Invest in 2017?

Here are some suggested best Altcoins you might consider to invest in 2017: Ethereum: Vatalik Buterin stated in late 2013, this blockchain based, public, and open source distributed computing platform is the great rival ofView Detail

Bitcoin is Surging – Goes Above $2,500!

Bitcoin is Surging Bitcoin’s value boosts up on Thursday, going up 13.01% at $2,576/BTC. The leading cryptocurrency continues to rise as the traders eagerly await the August 1 decision anticipating whether or not the BitcoinView Detail

Bitcoin Goes 15% Up In Value - Ethereum Follows

Bitcoin jumped on Thursday to its maximum price in just about four weeks as cryptocurrency developers appeared to come more rapidly to an agreement which would prevent the cryptocurrency from splitting. According to CoinDesk, BitcoinView Detail