Bitcoin at New York pre-school

30 June 2017, After the meeting and inquiries from the parents, the head of two Montessori schools are going to accept the bitcoin. Marco Ciocca, co-founder of the Flatiron & Soho added this option inView Detail

Bitcoin could reach $5 trillion

28 June 2017, well-known investor Michael Novogratz states that 10% of his money is in bitcoin and Ether platform. His prediction about the digital currencies value is up to $5 trillion in five years. ItView Detail

The US should encourage investments

June 15, 2017, The US defense official Department declares that the US should endorse its investment in blockchain-based solutions. Eric Rosenbach says that government security agencies and private sector business should cooperate in cloud-based security,View Detail

Casino promotions

Today bitcoin technology is the mainstream of the financial market. Everyone knows the limited supply of the bitcoin but everyone wants the bitcoin as well. you can earn Bitcoin by playing games. In addition, differentView Detail

Bitcoin who’s who

A number of individuals are directly involved in the acceptance of the Bitcoin around the world. There is a compiled list of folks, who make it sure that Bitcoin is the future of the digitalView Detail